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Brandy News

Tha 411

Hey Brandy fans, heres the latest Brandy news
From Access Hollywood-MSN Entertainment:

Kobe's Hollywood Support

Kobe Bryant will face a sexual assault charge in a Colorado on August 6. The judge will allow cameras in the courtroom, but the debate continues over whether police and court records should be made public. In Hollywood, however, Kobe has found plenty of supporters, including his famous prom date.

R&B sensation Brandy, who went with Kobe to his prom in 1996, weighed in on the subject that was on everyone's lips at A Midsummer Night's Magic, Magic Johnson's celebrity charity basketball game.

"I just really feel bad about the situation. I hope everything works out the way it's supposed to," Brandy told Access Hollywood.

From tennis champ Serena Williams to fans sporting Kobe's jersey to Magic himself, people are reserving judgment and offering support.

"Like I always say, you just have to pray for everyone in the situation and just hope for the best," said Serena.

"Well, you know, we support Kobe 100 percent and the reason we support him 100 percent is because first of all, he's never done anything bad in the six years he's been with the Lakers," Magic told Access. "He's been unbelievable as a man, as a basketball player, as a person. It's hard for us to believe that he's done something like this and so we support him and we will continue to do that."

One of the media outlets on high alert is Court TV. Henry Schleiff, the man who runs that network, revealed to Access this will be a boon for his channel. "Our ratings are at an all-time high, but I think this will probably help us take it up a little bit of a notch. When it involves a celebrity of the magnitude of Kobe, I think it's fascinating," said Schleiff.
In Lighter News
Brandy will appear on Timbaland's new ablum, other guest appearances will include Missy (of course) and Maogoo

''Brandy's 3rd Degree'' Coming Soon