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Pure Brandy

Johnny Cash Resting At Home After Hospitalization. Johnny Cash is resting at home in Nashville after a two-week stay at a local hospital for treatment of a stomach ailment. The 71-year-old singer was released from Baptist Hospital on Tuesday (September 9). Originally, he was supposed to stay for a few days after his admittance on August 26, but he remained at his doctors' request as an extra precaution. Baptist spokesperson Jennifer Jackson told the Tennessean, "He had no complications. He was always in stable condition. We just wanted to take our time, make sure he was completely recovered." Cash's condition forced him to miss the MTV Video Music Awards on August 28 where his latest video, "Hurt," won for best cinematography. According to the newspaper, Cash plans to head to California next week to begin work on a new album. His manager, Lou Robin, tells the Tennessean that Cash has more than 40 songs ready to record for the next project, tentatively titled American V. Cash also plans to attend this year's Country Music Association (CMA) Awards on November 5, where he is nominated for four awards.
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